Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Dogs

How much do you know about dogs? Here are some fun facts about dogs that may surprise you!

Dogs Have a Sense of Humor

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If you think dogs aren’t funny, you’re wrong. While humor may be a trait unique to humans, dogs do have a sense of humor and respond to it in ways that are similar to human responses. According to research by Stanley Coren, professor emeritus of psychology at the University of British Columbia, dogs laugh — or bark with laughter-like sounds — when they hear another dog make a silly mistake.

Dogs Love to Sleep

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The National Sleep Foundation reports that about 30 percent of adult dogs and 70 percent of puppies regularly sleep in their owners’ beds. That’s a lot of snoozing, but there are some real benefits to letting Fido curl up in your bed. Not only does it offer your pup comfort and protection, but it also gives you a good night’s sleep. When you have a dog sleeping next to you, there is often less tossing and turning—meaning fewer disturbances throughout the night!

Dogs are Omnivores

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Though they may sometimes seem like carnivores, dogs are actually omnivores. They can survive on an all-meat diet, but they don’t thrive on it—and their teeth and jaws are strong enough to handle a wide variety of foods. Treat your dog right by feeding him a healthy, balanced diet (that includes meat), and take care of his teeth by making sure he always has something soft to chew on. That will ensure that he stays healthy for many years to come.

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

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While dogs might not appear to be natural herbivores, they are technically omnivores. That means they can eat plants as well as meat and dairy products. And while they can survive on a diet of kibble alone, their ancestors thrived by eating a wide variety of foods in their natural environments. The reasons why dogs eat grass vary, but many believe it’s because it helps them relieve upset stomachs or diarrhea.

Dogs Understand What They See in Mirror Images

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New research shows that a dog’s neural activity is similar to a human’s when viewing its own reflection. This means dogs have an idea of self—another trait once thought to be exclusive to humans.

Dogs are great listeners, as long as you talk with your body language!

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Dogs have such good hearing, they can hear a human’s voice above city traffic and even barking dogs. But when you move your body, it sends signals to them loud and clear. So if you really want your pooch to understand what you’re saying, make sure he knows what you mean with your body language.

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