7 Things You May Be Doing To Harm Your Dog (without realizing it)

When you are an animal lover and have dedicated yourself to caring for your dog, it is easy to go too far. Most dog owners understand that some things should never be done to their pets, but occasionally our enthusiasm gets the best of us and we end up doing things we shouldn’t. Here are seven things you may be doing unknowingly to damage your dog.

1. Collars
Many dog owners don’t think twice about using a collar on their dog. But, before you buckle down, there are a few crucial collar facts to remember. Collars, especially those made of leather or cloth, can put an unpleasant amount of pressure on your pet’s neck if they are not correctly adjusted and attached. This pressure may be quite painful for dogs who feel as if their collars or leashes are choking them. Collars should fit tightly enough that two fingers can fit between collar and neck—yet provide enough room for your dog to move comfortably without feeling constrained in his/her head motions.

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